Life in Karlsruhe

German culture

Needless to say, you aren't coming to Karlsruhe only to study. You might also like to get acquainted with the German culture and language as well as see what life in Karlsruhe looks like.

On the following pages, hints and tips about practical questions, cultural and leisure activities and a lot of other worthwhile facts for life in Karlsruhe can be found.

Of course, you can contact the International Students' Office with your specific questions and Problems.

The German language:

German language - Goethe-Institut
German as a foreign language - European Youth Portal
Europeans and their languages

The Germans

Meets the Germans

The german cultur and the german life

Modern Life
Kultur in Karlsruhe


Re­li­gion and the state

Holidays and celebrations

Germany celebrates many of the traditional Christian holidays, including Christmas and Easter. German Unification Day on October 3 marks the reuniting of East and West Germany and is the only federal holiday.

Na­tion­al hol­i­days
This holidays are set by Germany’s federal states


Sport in Karlsruhe


As an international student you get the Studi-Card for free for one semester. In order to get the free Studi-Card, you need to go to the KVV office. The Studi-Card is valid for one semester and enables you to use public transportation such as tram, bus and city train and regional trains in the Karlsruhe. Please contact the International Office for more information. You need your enrollment certification and your passport.


Mobility in Karlsruhe
Karlsruhe Transport Association (only in german)

Middle Upper Rhine Region

Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion
Middle Upper Rhine Region
Deutsche Bahn

Statistical Information

Europa in in figures 

Traveling in Europe

Within the European Union there is freedom of travel: most member countries of the EU are part of the "Schengen area", in which border controls are gone

The Schengen Agreement